Regarding Orders:



What do Happy Whole Foods products do for me?


Do you test for heavy metals?

Is there added starch in Power Potion?

Are your products Gluten Free?

Are your products Dairy Free?

What are the concentration ratios of your extracts?

How is a mushroom extract made?

I'm not feeling anything. Are they working?

Will using the extract powders with hot liquid kill the active compounds?

When alcohol is used for extraction, is any alcohol left over in the final product?

What does the "Lot#" printed on the back of the package mean?

What is the expiration date on your products?

Can I give your products to my pet?

Why are only some of the mushrooms dual extracted?

It says you're USDA organic, but I can't find you in the USDA Organic Integrity Database.

Where are your mushrooms grown?

What is the mg amount of each mushroom per serving?

Regarding Mushroom Health

Does Vitamin C with mushroom increase bioavailability of active compounds?

What is the optimal way and the best time to take your products?

Is it best to take Power Potion on an empty stomach or with food?

Can I take all the medicinal mushrooms at once?

Are mushrooms safe to take during pregnancy?

Are Happy Wholefoods products safe to take with pharmaceutical medication?

How long do I need to take my Happy Whole Foods product for?

Regarding Cordyceps-M

Why do you use Cordyceps Militaris and not Cordyceps Sinensis like most other products?

Is this made from the caterpillar fungus and does it contain bugs?

Regarding Chaga extract

Is wild Chaga harvesting sustainable and is Chaga symbiotic?

Is it true that Chaga is super rare?

Regarding Turkey tail extract

What is PSK and PSP?

Do you provide certificates of analysis?

How many calories in a serving of 1 gram?

What is the nutritional breakdown of mushrooms?

Do you use myceliated grain?

Are you able to measure the hericenones and erinacines?

Is your product safe from harmful bacteria or contamination if it is grown in the wild or on natural materials?