7 Delicious Ways To Use Mushroom Superfood Powders

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7 Delicious Ways To Use Mushroom Superfood Powders

Here at Happy Wholefoods we love supercharging our drinks, snacks, dinners… you name it, we supercharge it! When there are so many ways to give yourself a health boost using the power of wholefood powders, why wouldn't you? We’re pretty obsessed with our latest product Power Potion and have been adding it to all sorts of recipes. We thought we’d share our favourite 7 delicious ways we love to consume our mushroom superfood powders, to give you some ideas to help you enjoy yours!


Perhaps this one is obvious… because who wouldn’t want to supercharge their coffee, right? Add half your usual strength coffee shot and a spoon of Mushroom Powder to get your morning off to the best start. The mushroom powder will give you an energy boost whilst avoiding the crash effect from a full strength shot.

Choose Happy - Happy Wholefoods Tea


Are you a minimalist? Lover of the simple life? No frills kinda person? Well, straight up tea is a quick and healthy option for you to give your mind and body a powerful shot of adaptogens. Just add hot water and a spoon of mushroom extract powder, stir and go. Simple!

Smoothie Recipe - Happy Wholefoods


Superfood powder addict? We love adding mushroom extract powder to our smoothies along with other favourites such as cacao and maca. Try out this delicious chocolate smoothie recipe. Great for balancing hormones, a rich source of magnesium and potassium, and heaps of health boosting antioxidants!
Just blend up the below...

2 tsp Organic Raw Cacao Powder
1 tsp Power Potion Organic Mushroom Extract
1 tsp Organic Maca Powder
1.5 Cups Organic Almond Milk
1 Banana


It’s no surprise that a spoon of our mushroom extract powder is an incredible secret ingredient if you’re making a mushroom soup. It’s also great mixed into other soup dishe too! It adds a beautiful earthy taste that blends well with other flavours. A super sneaky way to give your family an extra shot of antioxidants and adaptogens! They’ll thank you for it when they see their healthy glow!

Soup - 7 Delicious Ways To Use Mushroom Superfood Powders - Happy Wholefoods


More chocolate? Why the heck not! You might not have thought of this one but mushroom extract powder is a great addition to desserts. You can mix it with some cinnamon and sprinkle on top of pancakes, add to a mousse or mix into your chia seed pudding! The possibilities are endless.

Dessert - 7 Delicious Ways To Use Mushroom Superfood Powders - Happy Wholefoods


Yup, you can supercharge your stock too. Currys, casseroles and stews will be transformed to a whole new health level when they get a few spoons of mushroom extract powder. Not only will they enhance the flavour but of course your meal will become anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune system boosting too!


Here at Happy Wholefoods we love our healthy snacks! Lately we’ve been adding a spoon or two to our energy ball mix to really make sure our snacks are super energising and banish any afternoon lulls!

Snack Balls - 7 Delicious Ways To Use Mushroom Superfood Powders - Happy Wholefoods

Of course there are many more ways you can enjoy the benefits of mushroom superfood extract powders, and we hope we’ve inspired you to try out some new ones! Let us know how you like to take yours - we’d love to hear! Bon Appetit!

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