About Us

Supercharge your Health, Optimize your Life, Feel Amazing, Live Happy!

Here at Happy Wholefoods we’re dedicated to health, happiness and wellbeing. We search the Earth to deliver you nature’s finest foods - happily in pursuit of 100% pure, ethically-sourced superfoods, with exceptionally high quality.

We’re disrupting the dull superfoods and supplements space to bring you cleaner, greener and more effective nutrients for your everyday - to help you, your family, your friends, and our global community to achieve radiant health!

We Care: Our work is about building on the knowledge handed down from generation to generation, to create radiant health & wellbeing for the next to come.

Modern Alchemy & Holistic Wellness: We are passionate about providing the most potent and effective wholefood remedies by blending ancient wisdom with modern science.

Real Food & Pure Nutrition: We only use pure, natural and mostly certified organic bioactive ingredients. All formulations are 100% plant based, earth friendly, vegan and naturally derived. All our products go through rigorous testing to ensure optimal potency and purity.

Protecting our Precious Planet: We are conscious creators and sustainability is at our core. We support organic farming, use recyclable packaging and are dedicated to continually growing our environmentally friendly blueprint.

Ancient Wisdom & Fresh Insight: We strive to share our knowledge of the powerful healing force of wholefoods in fun and accessible ways.