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    What do Happy Whole Foods products do for me?

    Hectic modern lifestyles and modern day farming methods mean it’s harder for us to get a balanced diet that is nutritionally sufficient. Happy Whole Foods products offer clean natural sources of healing whole foods to boost your daily wellness, help achieve radiant health and support your lifestyle goals.

  • Do you test for heavy metals?
  • Here at Happy Whole Foods we utilize mushrooms are 100% USDA Certified Organic, and to ensure they are perfectly safe, we test for contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals etc. Our mushroom growers and processing team are experts in cultivation, research and testing of mushroom extracts so that our customers can enjoy the very highest quality and potency.

    The standards we, and our expert team ensure are as follows:

    • Lead: <1ppm
    • Arsenic: <1ppm
    • Cadmium: <1ppm
    • Mercury: <0.1ppm
  • Is there added starch in Power Potion?
  • No, there is no starch listed on our packaging as we do not add starch to Power Potion.

    Our mushroom powders are made using the fruiting body of the mushroom, not the mycelium which contains more starch. This ensures a 100% natural and high potency quality product for you.

  • Are your products Gluten Free?
  • Yes, all our products are gluten free and allergen free.

  • Are your products Dairy Free?
  • Yes, all our products are dairy free and allergen free.

  • What are the concentration ratios of your extracts?
  • We source the highest quality Organic Mushrooms, and they are each carefully and expertly processed to extract as much of the beneficial active compounds as possible, either using Hot Water or Dual Extraction techniques. The extract ratios for each mushroom extract in this blend range from 8:1 to 16:1 depending on the nature of each specific medicinal mushroom - making our blend highly potent and effective.

  • How is a mushroom extract made?
  • After harvesting, the dried mushrooms are gathered, and are processed (cooked) multiple times in two possible ways; water processing and alcohol processing (both processes are called extraction).

    Water processing releases the water-soluble compounds present in the mushrooms, whereas we use alcohol when mushrooms contain non-water-soluble compounds.

    The preconditioning before the  “cooking” process efficiently breaks down the tough cell wall of our mushrooms. This tough cell wall is made of substances called  chitin, cellulose, beta-glucans and ergosterol, making extraction of the beneficial beta-glucans impossible without special processing!

    We use extraction because our bodies cannot process and break down the chitin, it remains bio-unavailable (unable to be absorbed by our bodies) even when eaten in raw fresh mushrooms!

    Extraction makes the vital and beneficial compounds available for our bodies to absorb and use!

    Following cooking, the liquid from the extraction process is concentrated until it is the consistency desired.

    The concentrated liquid mushroom goodness is then spray dried, and this removes all water/liquid including alcohol.  We now have the water and alcohol-free concentrated powder that makes up Power Potion!

  • I'm not feeling anything. Are they working?
  • Medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens. This means they work over an extended period and are generally not something most will feel, as other substances like caffeine can be for example.

    Prolonged use over an extended period is how the benefits of medicinal/superfood mushrooms are realized!

  • Will using the extract powders with hot liquid kill the active compounds?
  • No! You can be assured that adding Power Potion to your hot coffee, teas, soups, stews and more will in no way damage its active and beneficial compounds! Since the "cooking" during extraction has already raised the compounds to high temperatures, no damage is made to the essential active compounds.

  • When alcohol is used for extraction, is any alcohol left over in the final product?
  • No. All alcohol is removed after the cooking, extraction, drying process and absolutely no alcohol is present in the final product. You can be assured that Power Potion is free from alcohol!

  • What does the "Lot#" printed on the back of the package mean?
  • Lot numbers are an indicator of when the product was created but are in no way an expiration date!

    Power Potion is good for two years after date.

  • What is the expiration date on your products?
  • Most Happy Whole Foods products have at least a 2 year expiration date from date of manufacturing. Potency can reduce over time, so it is best to consume your products within 6 months to get the maximum benefit. Store all products in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place, for maximum freshness.

  • Can I give your products to my pet?
  • Absolutely! Mushroom is a food and is in no way harmful for animals. As every individual pet is unique, please consult your veterinary professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the use and serving size best for your pet!

  • Why are only some of the mushrooms dual extracted?
  • Chaga and Reishi are dual-extracted so we can release and combine the unique triterpene from intercellular substances by alcohol extraction and  the powerful beta-glucans from inside the mushroom cell wall by hot water extraction. The rest of the medicinal mushrooms in the blend are hot water extracted, as they only require this single step to activate their vital compounds. Dried powdered mushrooms contain little to no benefit, so we ensure ALL our mushrooms are expertly extracted!

  • It says you're USDA organic, but I can't find you in the USDA Organic Integrity Database.
  • We can assure you we are 100% certified organic by CERES. We could not use the logo branding on our products if not, there are very strict rules and security checks around this. Typically, the specific facility that produces the final, sale ready product will have the brand name's products added on to their organic certification. This means the brand name may not show up on an organic certification database, but the facility where it is made would show up.

  • Where are your mushrooms grown?
  • Our mushrooms are grown naturally and organically in the wild forests of the Greater Khingan Mountains; either sustainably harvested from the wild or authentically cultivated in special countryside mushroom shade-houses. The cultivated mushrooms grow under conditions that are carefully controlled, with constant fresh air, natural light and clean filtered water. All our Mushrooms are produced according to strict Organic guidelines and tested for potency and purity.

  • What is the mg amount of each mushroom per serving?
  • Here is the amount of each potent mushroom extract in each serving:

    Chaga Extract 111mg, Reishi Extract 111mg, Cordyceps Extract 111mg, Lions Mane Extract 133mg, Turkey Tail Extract 133mg, Maitake Extract 133mg, Shiitake Extract 133mg, Oyster Extract 133mg.

    This information is also on the Supplement Facts panel, which we have included as one of the photos on the product page.


    Regarding Mushroom Health

  • Does Vitamin C with mushroom increase bioavailability of active compounds?
  • Since the primary factor preventing the bioavailability of the compounds in mushrooms is the tough chitin cell wall structure, the grinding and extraction process address this. We do not yet find any supporting evidence that Vitamin C further increases bioavailability.

  • What is the optimal way and the best time to take your products?
  • Power Potion Mushroom Extract Powder is readily dissolvable in hot liquids like soup, coffee and tea. If adding to cold liquids, it's better to use a blender or milk frother to mix thoroughly.

    Instant powders contain fillers to make them soluble and non-sticky; however, our Power Potion mushroom powder is 100% pure mushroom fruiting body extract.

    There is no rule on best time to take your products, they are good any time of day, however in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is suggested they are taken on an empty stomach before a meal.

  • Is it best to take Power Potion on an empty stomach or with food?
  • In China, it is often suggested that mushroom extracts are taken before a meal, but this is not mandatory and is considered the preferred, more traditional option in China. You should take Power Potion whenever it is most convenient for you!

    Some people may find it hard to take on an empty stomach when having stomach trouble, so we then advise taking Power Potion after a meal.

  • Can I take all the medicinal mushrooms at once?
  • Yes! Our Power Potion Blend is a perfect combination of 8 of organic mushroom extracts. Everything in this blend is made from 100% mushroom fruiting bodies, perfectly pure with no mycelium and no added grains, starch or fillers and intended to take together!

    Every mushroom is a potent adaptogen, each providing beneficial healing powers, although each single mushroom has their own special focus areas such as:

    • CHAGA: Adaptogenic Immune System Defence (& Wellness Booster)
    • CORDYCEPS: Whole Body Energy and Performance Enhancer
    • LION’S MANE: Nootropic Memory, Cognition & Focus Booster
    • REISHI: Adrenal & Nervous System Calmant & Balancer
  • Are mushrooms safe to take during pregnancy?
  • We would recommend you consult your medical practitioner with any medical queries, as we are not able to answer anything medically related.

  • Are Happy Wholefoods products safe to take with pharmaceutical medication?
  • If you are taking pharmaceutical medication we advise you to consult with your healthcare practitioner for guidance, and take your Happy Whole Foods product at least two hours apart from your medication.

  • How long do I need to take my Happy Whole Foods product for?
  • As with any concentrated food product, the response will vary from one person to another. If you are treating a specific symptom, please consult your healthcare practitioner for advice. If you are taking your product for general health benefits, we believe following your body’s own signals to be your best guiding light.

    Regarding Cordyceps-M

  • Why do you use Cordyceps Militaris and not Cordyceps Sinensis like most other products?
  • Cordyceps (O. Sinensis), the caterpillar fungus, and Cordyceps militaris (cultivated) both provide adaptogenic benefits and have been used in traditional Chinese and Tibetan healing for many centuries! The Cordyceps militaris fruiting bodies can be readily cultivated allowing us to use 100% organic fruiting bodies for our Cordyceps-M extract powder.

    The modern focus on healthy  diets including veganism, vegetarianism and organic, non GMO containing diets, means that using Cordyceps militaris (cultivated) ensures Happy Whole Foods customers receive an organic and  vegan (no caterpillars!) product in our POWER POTION!

  • Is this made from the caterpillar fungus and does it contain bugs?
  • Power Potion uses Cordyceps Militaris, cultivated mushrooms that are grown in the most natural way possible, on Organic Duanwood Logs, Organic Cottonseed Hulls or Organic Saw Dust ensuring  POWER POTION is an all organic and all VEGAN product which is important to our customers! Our final product gives you ALL the benefits Cordyceps can provide with absolutely no caterpillars or their byproducts!

    Regarding Chaga extract

  • Is wild Chaga harvesting sustainable and is Chaga symbiotic?
  • The only known study, done by Russia, indicates Chaga is sustainable and can meet the demand for the foreseeable future. That report can be viewed by clicking the following link:

    Chaga, however, is not a symbiotic mushroom and the tree it grows on will eventually die after years in contact with Chaga. As most fungi survive by consuming (eating) organic material, this is not unusual in the mushroom world!

  • Is it true that Chaga is super rare?
  • Chaga is not extremely rare. Chaga is deemed to be native to Siberia and North Eastern China, however, it  can also be found growing wild in birch forests in Korea, both Eastern and Northern Europe as well as in Northern areas of the United States and in Canada.

    Regarding Turkey tail extract

  • What is PSK and PSP?
  • PSK is Polysaccharide-K.  Polysaccharide-K has proteins linked by beta-glucans. PSP is Polysaccharide-peptide. Polysaccharide-peptide is also linked to beta-glucans.

    Well known to be found in Turkey Tail, PSP and PSK are essentially protein complexes. Beta glucans are one form of soluble dietary fiber very strongly linked to improving cholesterol levels and contributing to better heart health!

    PSP and PSK have been shown to assist in the modulation of inflammation and immunity and is known for exhibiting various therapeutic effects in the human body! Other effects attributed to PSP/PSK and beta glucans include antimicrobial properties, analgesic or pain-relieving properties, antiviral properties, and even use as an antioxidant!

    These vital components can all be found in Turkey tail, and why we at Happy Whole Foods knew Turkey Tail must be included in our POWER POTION High Potency Power Blend!

  • Do you provide certificates of analysis?
  • Yes. Please contact us directly if you wish to see a certificate of analysis.

  • How many calories in a serving of 1 gram?
  • 3 to 5 calories per 1 gram serving

  • What is the nutritional breakdown of mushrooms?
  • It's not normal to test this as mushrooms, as sponge-like substances, do not contain much nutritional value. It is estimated that a mushroom contain apx. 3-5 calories.

  • Do you use myceliated grain?
  • Happy Whole Foods uses the fruiting body in POWER POTION’s potent blend because  mycelium grain is not as beneficial as the fruit body.

  • Are you able to measure the hericenones and erinacines?
  • Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) has become a noted mushroom in promoting positive brain health and improved nerve health over the last years in addition to its other known benefits which include anti-inflammatory properties, immune boosting capabilities, improving stomach function,  and antioxidant properties!

    Lion’s Mane contains hericenones and erinacines which are believed to stimulate nerve growth factors (NGF). Increases in NGF are thought to stimulate nerve regeneration and prolong the life of neurons in the brain.

    In diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, the neuron’s in the brain deteriorate and die over the course of the disease. NGF is believed to have a significant role in preventing neuron death making it a focus for improving brain and nerve health!

    Possible applications for these and other diseases such as depression and more are fascinating and exciting!

    Among lion’s manes active compounds, erinacine A has shown the most significant promise of pharmacological properties leading to possible positive applications in the central nervous system which are promising when looking to improvements in stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and depression patients if lion’s mane that is enriched with erinacines are taken with meals daily.

    It is very difficult to measure the hericenones and erinacines compounds accurately. Lion’s Mane does contain trace erinacines, but the content is so low that there is no focus on explicitly extracting this content.

    Remember, Lion’s Mane has long been included in ancient medicinal recipes, has effective anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting and antioxidant abilities as well.
    All these combined benefits made Lion’s Mane a natural choice for including in our Power Potion!

  • Is your product safe from harmful bacteria or contamination if it is grown in the wild or on natural materials?
  • At Happy Whole Foods, your safety and the safety of all ingredients in our Power Potion are of the utmost importance to us!

    To ensure this safety, with confidence, we test our products on a microbiological level for yeasts, moulds,  E. Coli bacterium and for salmonella!

    Power Potion ingredients are tested using the Total Plate Count method.

    With this method, we sample the ingredient, put in a nutrient-rich and ideal bacterial growth environment in a  Petri dish or (petrifilm) and count any bacteria that develop. This method is most known for being used to test and examine Grade A pasteurized milk and most other dairy products, so you have most likely encountered many foods that undergo the same kind of testing already!